De-stressing and Relaxation

We all get stressed out, we just have to accept that it’s going to happen. Whether it be because of school, work, the dishes pilling up, etc. it will happen. I’m here to try and help you manage that.

I find it helps if I right down everything that’s stressing me out, kind of like a to do list. I find this also helps for the fact that you won’t forget things if you have them written down and you won’t be thinking of a million things at once trying not to forget something important. I find that when I cross things off my to due list I feel more accomplished than if I don’t have a list. It’s easier to feel motivated and to be able to see that I’m getting the stuff done that I need to.

Something else that I find helps is to plan out my week. I like to plan out chores, meals, workouts etc. This makes it easier to cross things off your to do list if you assign a few a day. Don’t get discouraged if it’s not all crossed off when you are hoping to get it done. Let’s be honest.. life just happens sometimes haha

Try to relax when you are stressed out. There are many ways you can achieve relaxation; you just have to find what works for you. First I would suggest to turn your phone off, or at least put it on silent and get cozy. Don’t go on any social media and don’t let it distract you. Next do what relaxes you, this could be taking a bath, going for a walk, working out, reading a book, painting, baking, etc. Find what works for you.

Another way to help you relax on a daily basis is to have plants in your house. (even if your cat won’t stop eating them..) Plants have a soothing effect of natural aesthetic beauty to help minimize stress. Having greenery in your house helps as we do have to spend lots of time inside, especially if you live somewhere with a cold winter… LIKE ME!

The last piece of advise I have to help you relax when it just all gets a little too much is simple, breathing. When I get anxious I try to control my breathing and focus on each breath and nothing else. I find it helps to try to breath slower to lower my heart rate. A way to do this is to count slowly and take a breath with every number. There are little ways to change this instead of counting, but you just need to find what works for you. This will take some trial and error to find what helps you calm down so be patient.

I hope this helps for anyone reading . Also feel free to leave a comment of what helps you de-stress or relax to share with others. Thank you for reading my very first blog post! I really appreciate it 🙂

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