Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2018

Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2018

Welcome back to another gift guide. This one is for that guy in your life. Let’s be honest guys often just want tools or gadgets so I hope this post will give you a few more ideas as for what to get the guy your buying for.

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Sports Gear

Sports gear is a great gift for any sports fan. You can get them a jersey or hat from their favorite sports team so they can wear them to the games or while they watch them on TV.

Spike Ball

This is a new very cool fun game that I’m sure the guy your buying for would love! Spike ball is so much fun and definitely a great idea for a present.


Sunglasses are always a great idea. My boyfriend Johnny has multiple pairs of sunglasses and could always use another one because he’s lost a ruined so many haha.


Headphones are always a great idea for a gift. Especially now that a lo of us are getting phones that need Bluetooth. I personally don’t have any Bluetooth headphones yet but my boyfriend Johnny has two pairs and he loves them.



Cologne can be a great idea for a gift. It can sometimes be difficult to pick out a smell that both you like and the guy your buying for. However, girls are usually better at picking out things like colognes and perfumes so I don’t think this should be an issue.

Waterproof Speaker

A speak is a great gift for anyone. This one is actually a Bluetooth speaker! My friend had a similar one and we got a lot of use out of it. She also had a pool so the fact that it was Bluetooth was great! We constantly used it in the summer while we were in her pool.

Whiskey Stones

I actually bought these for Johnny for his birthday so he could use them in his drinks this summer and they were a great purchase! I really recommend this as a gift. They really keep your drink nice and cold which is especially great on those hot summer days.

Moscow Mule mugs

I also got these for Johnny for his birthday. He recently started making himself some Moscow Mule’s which are great by the way! So I really wanted to get him the mugs to go with his great drinks.


And there are a bunch of gift ideas that I think would be a great options for any guy you need to buy for this year.

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  1. Thanks for all the gift ideas! I have to hurry up and get shopping!!! 😊

    1. Me too haha I have all the ideas but I need to buy more of it πŸ™‚

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